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Reliable Cheap Domain Name Registration Providers Review

I often see people ask questions about where to start making a website, or what is the 1st step for making money online. There are many steps to get your money site online, such as finding a web hosting, installing WordPress, getting a good theme, writing great contents, doing online and offline SEO, etc. But, the most important thing is getting a great domain name. If you have no idea about a domain name, read the Domain registration Wikipedia for details. We concentrate on who is the best cheap domain name registrar. I am going to review the services of some cheap domain registration providers. Keep reading.


GoDaddy Cheap Domain Registration

register domain with godaddyGodaddy Is The World’s Leading Domain Registrar Godaddy has million happy customers and 59 million domains under management. Their powerful engine searches the web’s largest pool of domain names. There’s no better place to find the right domain name for your business. Godaddy offers 24/7 Support. You can call them day or night at 866-938-1119. Godaddy has easy to use tool to manage your domain names. They offer low-cost promotion from time to time. Sometimes people can register a TLD – top level domain as low as $0.99/yr. The only costly thing with GoDaddy is Whois privacy. Currently, you have to pay $7.99/yr to get your privacy protected. Godaddy even offers domain certified service, even people rarely need a certified domain. Find and register your 0.99 .com domain now


NameCheap Cheap Domain Registration

register domain at namecheap


Namecheap – Low-Priced Registration And Great Service Namecheap provides a set of DNS servers spread across the US and Europe to deliver highly reliable DNS service. Namecheap domain management is easy with their advanced control panel. You can customize parking page, nameserver registration and domain push, etc. Every eligible domain registered at Namecheap comes with one free year of WhoisGuard privacy protection service, and a one-year Comodo Positive SSL certificate for just $1.99. 24/7 customer support Search A Domain Name Cheap Domain Registration

register domain name at – Easy And Inexpensive Domain Registrar offers all major Top Level Domains (TLDs) and over 25 Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs). URL Forwarding – Redirect traffic from one domain to another. Email Forwarding – Automatically forward emails to other valid email addresses. DNS Management – Retain total control over your DNS records. Transfer Lock – Protect your domain from unauthorized domain transfers Add Domain Privacy to selected domains for $8.99 per year.


Basic Knowledge About Registering And Controlling Your Domain

There are many guides and tips for how to get a great domain name when you are searching on Google. The meaningful and easily remembered domain name will give good impressive on your online marketing. Here what I want to mention is you should own and control your domain name totally. There are many web hosting companies offer free domain name registration with their hosting packages. But wait a second. The free registration is only for the 1st year. Most web hosts will charge you about $19.99/yr when you renew your domain. If you cancel your hosting account, you also need to pay for the domain. Otherwise, you are going to lose it. So pick one reputable domain registrar from above reviews. You will fully control your valuable assets. We have some posts about TLD and domain transfer. I hope they can help on your cheap domain registration.

Godaddy $0.99 .com domain name coupon

Godaddy .com Domain Name Just 0.99

SPECIAL OFFER! .COM just $0.99*! Additional .COMs just $7.99* per year! $0.99 price good for the first year of three new or transfer .COMs per customer. Additional years or .COMs may be purchased for $7.99 per year. Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. Customers may not use gift cards, PayPal® or AliPay to redeem this offer. After the first year, discounted products will renew at the then-current renewal list price. Your discount will be applied in your shopping cart. Offer valid for customers in the US and Canada only. Risk-free, money-back guarantee transfers. No ...
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domain name registration and transfer

Transferring domain registrar vs Changing domain DNS setting

There are many people change their web hosting providers. When they make the switch to a new web hosting company, the domain name doesn't transfer with it. You are not only taking your files from one place, and putting them in another web server. When you do this, you have to let the internet to know that your domain name doesn't point to your old host anymore, it points to the new web host now. When you transfer your website from the old host to the new one, what you need to do is DNS setting, not transfering domain registrar ...
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what is top level domain

What is a Top Level Domain (TLD)?

The Internet's domain-name system (DNS) allows users to refer to web sites and other resources using easier-to-remember domain names (such as "") rather than the all-numeric IP addresses assigned to each computer on the Internet. Each domain name is made up of a series of character strings (called "labels") separated by dots. The right-most label in a domain name is referred to as its "top-level domain" (TLD). A top-level domain or domain name (TLD) is the highest level of domain names in the root zone of the Domain Name System of the Internet. A Top Level Domain (TLD) is the ...
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transfer domain name to new registrar

Requirements for domain registrar transfer

In order to transfer your domain name to a new registrar, the following conditions must be met: 1. Your domain name has been registered with your current registrar for at least 60 days and is in good financial standing. 2. The domain name is not involved in a domain dispute and does not have a registry lock. 3. The domain name is not expired and is not within 10 days of expiring. If the domain has expired or is about to expire, you will need to renew with your current registrar before a registrar transfer can occur. Note: If the ...
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