Transferring domain registrar vs Changing domain DNS setting

There are many people change their web hosting providers. When they make the switch to a new web hosting company, the domain name doesn’t transfer with it. You are not only taking your files from one place, and putting them in another web server. When you do this, you have to let the internet to know that your domain name doesn’t point to your old host anymore, it points to the new web host now.

When you transfer your website from the old host to the new one, what you need to do is DNS setting, not transfering domain registrar. DNS stands for “Domain Name System”. When you change these name server records (more commonly called “dns settings”, or “name server settings”) you haven’t actually changed where you registered the domain, or “your registrar”. You’ve simply told the registrar that you’ve moved the files to a different host.

domain name registration and transferIf you have a good domain registrar that offers low cost registration fee, good customer support, easy to use domain control panel, etc, you really don’t need to transfer to another registrar when you change a web hosting provider.

Sometimes, people want to transfer their domain registrar to new web host to get some benefits, such as getting a free domain name, easy to manage hosting and domain name in one account. Transfering domain registrar is more complecated than changing DNS setting.

Making domain registrar switch has some restrictions for protecting consumers from losing their domain names to domain hunters. For example, you can’t switch registrars 10 days before your domain expires, or your domain name is less than 60 days with your current registrar.

Most of the time, your old registrar will have “locked” the domain, so it can’t be stolen. Before you transfer to new registrar, you have to unlock it.

Normally, you also need to get an authorization code from your current registrar to transfer your domain.

Whether you’d like to just change your dns settings, or switch registration of your domain name to new registrar, is completely up to you. If you would like to transfer domain registrar to new web host, you can contact new web host and they’ll help you through the process.

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